Corporate culture

  Enterprise concept
  Jianshi Quartz Sand Factory has accelerated the development and transformation to the direction of high-tech and low-emission through technological innovation and positive transformation of development mode. The production process emphasizes green design and pursues scientific and reasonable circular economy technology and technological process. Increase capital investment, and constantly improve the technological capabilities of enterprises in energy saving, water saving, pollution reduction, waste innocuity, resource-based treatment and other aspects. We should give priority to environmental protection, actively promote cleaner production, take the road of environmentally friendly and low-carbon development, and gradually realize the green production of quartz sand finishing industry.

  Enterprise purpose
  Jianshi quartz sand is guided by new industrial technology and market demand at home and abroad, adheres to independent innovation, high standard construction and efficient management, implements the concept of circular economy and clean production, bases its technology on a high starting point, strictly enhances its pollution control, adopts mature, reliable, advanced and reasonable technical scheme, and actively and steadily chooses it. New technology, new equipment, new materials.

  Enterprise connotation
  While realizing the dream of individual entrepreneurs, it can also make the demolition capital return to the quartz sand industry, promote the upgrading of the industry, improve the quality of development, expand the scale of production, and truly contribute to the industrial planning of Hebei quartz sand base.