Acid leaching method for removing impurities in quartz sand

Time:2019/8/1 14:00:14

 The acid leaching method can remove the impurities in quartz sand, which is based on the fact that quartz sand is stable in nature and insoluble in all kinds of acids (except HF), while the impurity minerals in quartz are dissolved in acid solution to design the purification process and further purify quartz. The common acids used in acid leaching are inorganic acids such as HCl, H2SO4, HNO3 and HF, and organic acid oxalic acid. Inorganic acids have good effects on impurities such as iron, aluminium and magnesium in quartz sand. Most of the impurities in quartz sand are aggregates. Different acids have different removal effects. Therefore, it is difficult to study different impurities corresponding to different acids. In various experiments at present, the effect of treating quartz sand with mixed acid is more remarkable than that of single acid. That is to say, through the synergistic effect between mixed acid, better impurity removal effect can be achieved, such as silicate formation in NaOH and KOH.

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