Physical and Chemical Properties of Quartz Sand

Time:2019-8-1 14:00:48

The physical and chemical properties of quartz sand are stable, and its color in nature is colorless, translucent or milky white. The crystal structure of quartz is a transitional structure, which lies between the frame structure, covalent structure and ionic lattice. When the silica-oxygen tetrahedron of quartz is destroyed, it can present various bond types, such as covalent bond and ionic bond, which have polarity on the surface of quartz sand and have relatively large wettability. The relative density of quartz varies from 2.22 to 2.65 due to different crystal forms.

Quartz sand has strong acid resistance. It is insoluble in any acid except HF at room temperature. In hot concentrated phosphoric acid, common concentrated phosphoric acid can react with silica to form heteropoly acid. Silicates are formed in alkali with high heat concentration and strong alkali or in alkali melted at high temperature, such as NaOH and KOH.

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