Application of color separation technology in quartz sand purification

Time:2019/9/4 9:32:29


  Quartz sand has unique physical and chemical properties. It is used to manufacture glass, refractory materials, smelting ferrosilicon, metallurgical flux, ceramics, abrasive materials and so on. In the construction industry, acid-resistant concrete and acid-resistant mortar are prepared by utilizing the strong acid resistance and medium corrosion resistance of quartz. Quartz sand as the core material of silicon raw material plays an important role in the production of silicon raw material.
  At present, the purification of quartz sand mainly through magnetic separation and flotation, but there are still many impurities after magnetic separation and flotation, these impurities in addition to manual separation, there is a better way to eliminate - color separation.
  The Significance of Color Selection Technology
  Photoelectric color separation technology refers to the use of special recognition lens to capture material surface image element signal, collect material transmittance signal or use infrared, ultraviolet and other methods to determine material moisture and other components of information, and use processors to process, realize photoelectric signal conversion, and compare with standard signals to analyze the quality of materials. Re-use of actuators to eliminate inferior materials is a high-tech integrated technology that integrates optics, electricity, gas and machinery.

    The cost of manual sorting is getting higher and higher, and the value difference between high purity quartz sand and low purity quartz sand is very big. The application of photoelectric color sorter is very beneficial and effective from the economic point of view or from the ecological point of view. Therefore, the study of quartz sand color sorting technology has profound significance.
  Working Principle of Quartz Sand Colour Separator

    Quartz sand color sorter is a high-tech photoelectric integrated mechanical equipment, which can automatically separate the different color particles in granular materials according to the difference of material color by using optical equipment.
  The selected material enters the machine from the hopper and vibrates through the vibrator device. The selected material enters the observation area of the sorting room along the channel and passes through the CCD sensor and the background plate. Under the illumination of the light source, the CCD receives the synthetic light signal from the selected material, which makes the system produce the output signal and transmit the amplified signal to the operation processing. The system converts the optical signal into electrical signal, and the control system sends out instructions to drive the solenoid valve to inject and blow out the discolored particles to the scrap area, so as to continue to the good material area, so as to achieve the purpose of sorting.

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